About Us


According to the need of changing times in the country to strengthen the spiritual heritage and promote religious harmony among various religious organizations that do not fall under the Central Monk Body and in line with the provision of the Religious Organizations Act of Bhutan and the order of the government an independent Secretariat for the Commission for Religious Organizations was established in June 2009. Accordingly, Hon’ble Minsiter and Secretary of the Home and Cultural Affairs and the Director General of Cultural Departments have appointed Mr.Phurba Dorji, Progamme Co-ordinator of Royal Academy for Performing Arts as the Senior Program Officer in the Commission for Religious Organizations.


Vission & Mission

  • Facilitate the establishment of ROs in order to benefit the religious institutions and protect the spiritual heritage of Bhutan;
  • Ensure a system of public accountability by providing a framework for responsible and effective self-regulation of ROs;
  • Facilitate a constructive partnership between the government and religious institutions;
  • Promote compliance by ROs with their legal obligations to exercise effective control and management over the administration of their activities; and
  • Promote the effective use by ROs of the resources contributed, donated, or endowed whether in cash or property.


Functions of the Chhoedey Lhentshog


The Chhoedey Lhentshog shall:

(a)  Endeavour to promote religious harmony and strengthen the spiritual heritage of Bhutan;

(b)  Prescribe the application form and procedures for the registration of the ROs and endowments;

(c)  Review and approve all applications, for registration of any RO, which satisfy the requirements of this Act, within six months after such applications are submitted;

(d)  Provide written reasons for rejecting any application under this Act;

(e) Regulate and ensure that construction of religious structures by the ROs adhere to the traditional and cultural designs and heritage of Bhutan;

(f) Advise the Government about the general activities and roles of ROs;

(g) Encourage and facilitate better internal administration of ROs;

(h) Monitor the activities of ROs to ensure their compliance with this Act and with their own Articles of Associations or Charters, and the purposes for which they have been established;

(i) Institute inquiries either generally or for particular purposes, if the activities of the ROs are not in compliance with this Act or any other relevant laws of the Country;

(j) Examine the books, records and activities of ROs when required;

(k) Keep a public register of ROs as described in section 23 of this Act;

(l) Add or remove any body or institution from the list of registered ROs for violations of this Act or of any other law of Bhutan; and



Duties of the Chhoedey Lhentshog


The Chhoedey Lhentshog shall:
(a) Promote the principles and values of peace, non-violence, compassion and tolerance;

(b) Strive to create conditions that will enable the true and sustainable development of a good and compassionate society rooted in Buddhist ethos;

(c) Ensure that religious institutions and personalities promote the spiritual heritage of the country;

(d) Ensure that religion remains separate from politics in the Country;

(e) Ensure that religious institutions and personalities remain above politics; and

(f) Assist the State to preserve, protect and promote the ROs to enrich society.